What we have here is not your your usual Steak & Kidney Pie, this thing oozes Latin flavour.

It’s a 1930s Mexican Mariachi, or Charro wedding suit. Aptly labelled ‘El Incendio’ of Mexico City, it’s one hot tamale. The three piece suit, bolero jacket, waistcoat and trousers are heavily frogged with brown leather intricately embroidered directly onto the black wool body, and the trousers feature sand cast silver buttons and chains in parallel tracks down each leg.

Swashbucklingly romantic and silent movie era evocative, it captures in equal measure some of the virility of Valentino, the swagger of Tyrone Power’s Zorro, a little bit of the brooding Ramon in A Fistful of Dollars and dare I even say some of the glamour of Diana Rigg’s Spanish riding suit Countess in OHMSS. Incendiary stuff.

Words Simon McLean, Photos Lovisa Ranta

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