So the rap goes in Salt N Pepa’s eponymous 1987 hit Push It. What we have here is an altogether different condiment though, salt and pepper fabrics from around the globe. Similar either just in colour, or in their workwear usage. Their global reach is interesting and shows its international pedigree. For instance, we have black flecked chambray from France, grey Italian prison issue, two melange fisherman knits from these shores, and the unique fleecy flecked weave known as Brown’s Beach Cloth* from across the Atlantic.


Cashing in on the topicality of the film release of the seminal Beat book On The Road, here is a ‘Hobo’ Beatnik classic. Based on the wartime Royal Navy short shawl collared duffle coats, this civilian ladies version dates from the 1950s and has a very aptly named label. Often seen sported by Soho Beats, Sorbonne students, poetry reading peaceniks, CND marchers et al…


Not to be confused with the more famous philosophy movement, and the likes of Camus, Sartre and Kierkegaard. This is a far simpler expression of ‘the Individual’, ie. stencilled letters and names, as a means of identity, commonly found on military clothing. Here is a variety of examples, American, British, French, different fonts, colours, sizes etc.