Here is a snippet of some unique jewellery and other adornments we currently have stocked in the showroom. The cabinets in the Earlham street shop are pretty well stocked too. Please contact us for more information.

WWII Silver Sweetheart Bracelets. £poa

IMG_5407_1Silver Watch Fob necklace. £poa
IMG_5380_1Left to right: English hallmark Compass Pendant, Coin Necklace, Silver Watch Fob Necklaces. £poa.
IMG_5384_1Silver military ID bracelets. £poa

IMG_5403_1Top: Heavy Ingot stamped bracelet, Middle: Silver ID Bracelet, Bottom: Albert chain coin bracelet with stamped link. £poa

IMG_5387_1Silver Coin Bracelets. £poa

IMG_5393_1Silver Belt Buckle. £poa

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