TVS for ORTA ANADOLU (Free fall and Speed stars) – Collection and Look Book F/W 2018/19

For the new collections we played with some of Orta’s latest fabrics along with some of their old favourites, with everything shot and styled in our London HQ. Original vintage samples formed the basis for the inspiration as we adapted and modernised silhouettes, reinterpreting classics and redesigned old favourites from our archive.

Many thanks to our friends at Everest for their help and support in developing the washes for our collection, particularly Alberto from Everest and Fabio Tottolo from Orta. Many thanks to Cigdem from Open End in Istanbul for the production, and everyone else involved for their hard work.

For information regarding the fabrics please contact us at and we can put you in touch with someone at Orta Anadolu.

Starring – Models: Charlie and  Michelle (Nevs Models), Photographer: Nic Shonfeld, assistant Lovisa Ranta, Hair – Johnny Russell, Make up – Dani Richardson, Creative Direction – The Vintage Showroom.

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TVS for ORTA ANADOLU (FUTURE HUNTER GATHERER), Pt 2 – Collection & Look Book S/S 2018.


The second part of our capsule collection for Orta Anadolu. Please read about the inspiration for the collections below.

Starring – Noah and Jonas (Nii Agency), Assa and Kasumi. On camera – Nic Shonfeld, assistiant Lovisa Ranta. Stylist – Harris Elliot, assistant Devon Alexandra . Hair – Johnny Russell. MUA –  Yui SakamotoCreative Direction – The Vintage Showroom.

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TVS for ORTA ANADOLU (FUTURE HUNTER GATHERER) – Collection & Look Book A/W 2017


For our latest collection for Orta we wanted to look forward, to a futuristic hunting and gathering culture. A space age tribe of cosmic foragers clad in denim, technologically advanced, but still clinging to remnants of a more primitive past.

We would like you to imagine a later time… one of future-hunter-gatherers, deconstructed denim-clad nomads and intergalactic tribes.

We drew inspiration from our archive while creating this collection, some of the original garments can be found in our latest book. These rare and unusual utilitarian and military pieces were then interpreted and designed using Orta fabrics in a small atelier in Istanbul. The garments were then lovingly washed and treated by Everest Textile Technologies in Italy with wash targets again being selected from the archive. In the past we have worked on ‘vintage’ or ‘heritage’ collections for Orta so it was exciting to work on a futuristic, science fiction inspired project like this, which we hope will demonstrate the diversity within the range of fabrics produced by Orta.

Starring – Assa, Noah (Nii Agency), Adam and Elouise. On camera – Nic Shonfeld, assistiant Lovisa Ranta. Stylist – Harris Elliot, assistant Mimi Fresh. Hair – Johnny Russell. MUA – Riona O’Sullivan. Headdresses – Polly Playford. Creative Direction – The Vintage Showroom.

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TVS for ORTA ANADOLU (ARCTIC WHITES / REBEL BLUES) – Collection & Look Book 2014


This year we collaborated on two projects with our good friends at Orta; Rebel Blues and Arctic Whites which were showcased at Denim by PV in Barcelona. From the initial concept meetings with Orta we wanted to showcase some of the huge range of fabrics that they offer their customers by developing two seperate collections:

Rebel Blues showcased some of the heritage fabrics in Orta’s collection with their roots in the 1950’s and its sense of rebellion epitomised by James Dean, Brando, Kerouac et al. Part beat generation part Wild One mixed of course with a London flavour and a cafe racer/ace cafe feel.

Arctic Whites Is a 1920’s inspired collection based on the first women to take to the skies. Amy Johnson, Amelia Earhart and Jacqueline Cochran to name but a few, and the Ice woman herself Louise Arner Boyd whose love of the arctic inspired the name for the collection. Recreating a wardrobe suitable for these Queens of the skies was amazing, playing with early flying jacket and sporting pieces from our archive.

Vintage pieces were selected from our collection and lovingly reinterpreted with Orta at their Istanbul atelier. Once finished we had the pleasure of working with Claudio Toson who developed and recreated the amazing washes seen across both collections working with Northern Italy’s Castelfranco Veneto laundry Everest. The final and most enjoyable stage was shooting the images for both collections in London with an amazing team. Our good friend Nic Shonfeld photographing the Charlotte de Carle (Profile Models) who was the perfect pilot for Arctic Whites. Zoe Basia Brown (Profile Models) and James Alexander Adair (AMCK Models) were our amazing looking couple in Rebel Blues.

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Collection & Look Book 2013.

We thought it was about time we lifted the lid (at least to some degree) on our most recent Istanbul project with our good friends at Orta. A name that though not familiar to all, is a company that never the less has probably manufactured at least some of the denim that you have worn at one stage or other in your life (regardless of where you shop)!homeward_white_background_LOW

What started in the 1950′s as a spinning and weaving factory has since become one of the major global denim suppliers with a capacity of 60 million meters a year. Dream clients for us as we get to play with their most recent denim developments to create a capsule collection showcasing their fabrics based around much loved pieces from our archive. These original vintage garments are reinterpreted with our help at a small studio in Istanbul. The finished collection is then treated and washed at an artisan laundry to give an authentic look and feel.

For this collection we looked “Homeward” and went for a Naval story showcasing Orta’s most recent chambray’s and denims. The star piece was a recreation of a found early 20th century customised sailor shirt. Remade in Orta fabric we then had this finished with original hand-drawn designs by London based tattoo artist Caleb Kilby who perfectly captured the mood of the collection with his original artwork both for the central Homeward logo and the tattoo shirt.

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ORTA – THE JOURNEY  – Collection & Look Book 2013.


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