Though the preferred cold weather option for RAF ground crew since the 1950’s which often sees them described as such, these parkas were originally intended for pilots rather than those on the ground in vital maintenance roles. The 22C prefix on the labels was used by the Air Ministry from the 1920’s to 1960’s under the general heading of “Clothing and Accoutrements”. Though some codes cross over, generally speaking the 22C prefix referred specifically to RAF flying clothing.

The quality of the construction of these Cold War parkas made them much sort after piece of kit, that they often ended up both in the hands (on the backs) of Groundcrew and the Royal Marines.


The thick ventile outer shell is lined with a lighter weight ventile lining, which though unbelievable warm when wearing is surprisingly lightweight. Designed to be completely windproof and largely waterproof.

With those January snows approaching this was an opportune time for a box of these to turn up, available now at our Earlham Street shop.

Words Doug/photos Nic

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