Although it felt like hoodie weather today where I was, and my thoughts, and recent purchasing has been focused longingly at the amazing A/W showing we are going to be throwing down in a couple of months, I am conscious that Spring is in the air!  So as we think of antique shearlings, WWII aviation gear, Edwardian explorers and all the amazing pieces we have been hoarding for the showrooms winter offerings, it is good to stay in the present and think on the next few months and some sun on our faces. It feels like a good balance to have the Earlham street shop as well as the showroom, it keeps us having to think day to day about what people are wanting on there backs here and now rather than what they will want to be rocking in 6/12/18 months time. So with that said, and a tanqueray and tonic in hand (inspiration only), here is a look at some of what we are saying for Spring/Summer at the showroom and Covent Garden store.

With thoughts of Bobby Moore/’66 and dreams waiting to be crushed on hold, we went looking to the banks of Henley, the lawns of Wimbledon, and the halls of Cambridge for inspiration, and took the clock back a little further to when most of the world maps were pink…

Showroom Spring mood above.

The patron saint of fair isles despite his questionable politics and choice in women, the Duke of Windsor one of our sartorial role models!

Cambridge University Rugby Team 1913-1914

God Save the King!

1920’s boating jacket one of a collection from our archive.

Fresh off the boat…a new find 1907 commerative blade from Oxford v Cambridge Boat race.

(for the historians Cambridge were the winners by 4 1/2 lengths)

Charles de Beaumont

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