F.W.Collins 112 Denim

Finally, we can share with you our first production of denim jeans: 112 Denim. They could have been named after the number of weeks it has taken for these to finally be finished, although that could have easily been the case. Instead, they are named after the number of pairs in our first run.

Just like Brexit, this project has seen red lines drawn, constant in-fighting, months of seemingly nothing happening and the whole thing nearly collapsing on numerous occasions. However, unlike the rose tinted version of the future of the UK the Brexiteers are holding on to, we have made it over the line and actually delivered something of worth and it was a truly international production: Japanese denim, Swedish pattern making, British design and Italian construction. And we will take payment in any currency.

Handcrafted leather patches made by the especially talented Felix Jounneau, who has also made our F.W.Collins leather belts and key fobs.

Images courtesy of IMJIT35020

A big thank you again to everyone involved especially our good friends in Padua at Imjit35020, (ciao Manuel!), our design consultant Amy Pearce from Fast Women, Felix Jounneau and GForm .

They are available exclusively in our online shop (where you can also find measurements for all sizes) and in our Earlham Street Store in London.

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