Samples spread of The Vintage Showroom press reviews, releases, editorials, advertorials, collaborations, and contributions…

Vanity Fair. Styled by Tom Guiness. Vintage Sports T-Shirt from The Vintage Showroom

Lonely Planet, February 2020 Issue – My Perfect Day

Sportswear International  ISSUE #290 – These Modern Vintage Jeans, Editorial & Interview. All denim pieces by The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Lucas Christiansen, Styling: Sara Francia. 

Rolling Stones Magazine – The Eternal Sunshine of Harry Styles. Harry wearing a denim baker boy hat from The Vintage Showroom. Photographer: Ryan McGinley, Stylist: Harry Lambert.

Time Out – Shopping in Seven Dials, August 2019

Rivet Magazine – ‘East Meets West’, April 2019 Issue. Douglas Gunn speaking of how jeans became a symbol of youth empowerment during the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Mr Porter – ‘Why menswear archives are where you’ll find the latest trends’. Words by Mr Josh Sims

Rivet Magazine – ‘Rivet’s Influential 50 is an index of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders driving the global jeanswear industry’.

FashionBeans, January 2018 – The Menswear collectors explain their obsessions: Interview with Douglas Gunn.

Vanity Fair UK, September issue – Benjamin Clementine featured wearing Pearly suit from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Dean Chalkley. Styling: Harris Elliott.

Vouge Hommes International, Moscow, FW7/18 – NEVALAND, featuring gold necklace from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Gosha Rubchinskiy. Production: Mel Ottenberg.

Dazed, Autumn 2017 Issue – Featuring jewelry from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Venetia Scott, Styling: Poppy Kain.

Dazed, Summer 2017 Issue – Sam Dye wearing zebra creepers from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Sarah Piantadosi, Styling: Ellie Grace Cumming.

Men’s Health, August 2017 – “The Vintage Showroom offers a rich selection of the finest work-, military- and sportswear as well as British classic menswear from past decades“.  Recommended by Marc Weinreuter.

Metal Magazine, Summer 2017 Issue – ‘The reclining men’ featuring (photo 1) necklace and shirt (photo 2) nightgown (photo 3) coat and bottoms from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Willow Williams, Styling: Jordan Dean Schneider.

American Airlines – Welcome to Soho, London. We are featured at 04:30.

Live BBC The One Show, 5th June. Niall Horan wearing brown suede jacket from The Vintage Showroom. Stylist: Ellie Stidolph.

Sportswear International, May/June 2017 – “Vintage wonderland”, words by Emma Holmqvist Deacon.

Q Magazine, March issue 2017 – Featuring 1930’s Teddybear coat from The Vintage Showroom (left) in an article about Kasabian. Photography: Alex Lake. Styling: Harris Elliott.   

Interview Magazine, 29th of March 2017 – Discovery: Jack Roth featuring boots from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Matt Holyoak. Styling: Way Perry., 22nd of Feb – Hell for leather: 100 years of Belstaff. An article about the vintage archive we have curated for Belstaff. 

Men’s Health, 01/17 – Mentioning of our Earlham Street Store.

The Rake, February 2017 – “THE MOST RAKISH MENSWEAR STORES ON THE PLANET: THE VINTAGE SHOWROOM”. Words: Benedict Browne. Photography Jamie Ferguson.

SSAW Magazine, A/W 2016/2017 – “Good. Bad. A little. A lot” featuring leather coat from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Marton Perlaki Styling: Ellie Grace Cumming.

Sportswear International Magazine #273 – Back cover, capsule collection “Future Hunter-Gatherer” with Orta Anadolu., 30.11.16, “The Top Menswear Shops In London”. Mentioned as one of the best menswear shops in London. Written by: Harriet Clugston., 25.11.16 –  “The Vintage Showroom’s Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett on Orta’s denim archive”. Interview about the book, The 5374 Vintage Showroom Book. Written by: Angela Velasquez. 

Vogue UK, October 2016 Issue – ‘I should COCO’ editorial featuring grey vintage sweatshirt from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Josh Olins, Styling: Lucinda Chambers.

Mixfit Magazine, 29.10.16 – Article about us in Korean magazine Misfit magazine. 

Hypebeast, 26.10.16 – “The Vintage Showroom exhibition in Isetan Shinjuku”. Article on our collaborative exhibition at Nigel Cabourn in Isetan department store in Tokyo, Japan.

Masses Magazine, A/W16 Issue – Featuring (top image)  jumper, oversized shirt and (bottom image) shirt from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: CG Watkins. Stylist: Ellie Grace Cumming. 

Men’s Precious, 2016 Autumn Issue. “Inspiration for the designers – British vintage hall of fame”. 

Another Man, A/W16 – Harry Styles, featuring converse, nylon t-shirt and school blazer from the Vintage Showroom. Photography: Alasdair McLellan / Willy Vanderperre, Styling: Alister Mackie.

TEETH Magazine, 4th Issue. Featuring jacket, vest and jumpsuit from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Sean Alexander Geraghty, Styling: Beatriz Maues.

VMAN,  FW16 issue. Featuring vintage vests, tie and shoes from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Benjamin Huseby. Styling: Tom Guinness. 

AnotherMan Magazine, Spring/Summer 16 Issue  – Hoodoo Effigy, editorial featuring lace-up high tops from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Tom Odroyno, Stylist: Ellie Grace Cumming.

Wall Street Journal, 18/2/16 – ‘London-Bound: Men’s Style Books That Will Inspire a Trip’.

Brutus – ‘The vintage specialty shop of the world’. S.E.H. Kelly who are London based designer who sells in Japan were at The Vintage Showroom to talk about vintage clothing. 

i-D, 16.7.16 – ‘Photographing modern America’, featuring vintage coat from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Oliver Hadlee Pearch, styling: Max Clark.

Menswear Magazine, 1.09.16 – GREAT MENSWEAR STORES | THE VINTAGE SHOWROOM. Words by Mr. Phillip Gangan.

Arena Homme Plus, Summer/Autumn 2016 – ‘Jamie Hawkesworth shoots AW16 Menswear’, featuring Prada archive wool tank from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Jamie Hawkesworth.

Superior Magazine, 2016 June Issue –  Featuring jackets from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: John Rowley. Styling: Kara Kyne.

Holiday Magazine, Spring/Summer issue 2016 – ‘Private sun’, featuring Nathalie Westling wearing jacket, cardigan, and shirt from The Vintage Showroom. Photography by Karim Sadli.

Vogue Man Netherlands, Spring/Summer 2016 – ‘The best kept secret in London’, text by Marieke Verhoeven, photography by Winter Van Der Brink. 

Another Man, Spring/Summer issue 2016 – ‘Thunder roar’, featuring chain belt from The Vintage Showroom. Photography by Sarah Piantadosi.

In the same issue – Archive 05: Catalogue. ‘..two hidden gems from the British biker brand’s vaults’. Text: Douglas Gunn, photography by Chris Rhodes.

Exhibition: A RAW MATERIAL PIECE: UNCONSTRUCTED CLOTHING, curated by Christine Rösch at Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Milan, 22.04.16-30.04.16 – Featuring pieces from, among others, The Vintage Showroom, below is a British 1940’s military officer’s overcoat and orange USAF flying bodysuit in satin nylon. Photography by Ivan Grianti. 

T Magazine, 6.3.16 – Cover story ‘Unlocking the Mystery of Benjamin Clementine’ featuring a 1930’s Mickey Mouse hand knit from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Craig McDean, stylist: Max Permain.

Evening Standard, 23.02.16 – ’50 best boutiques in London’ (no appointment necessary)

Hypebeast, 22.02.16 – ‘Inside One of London’s Best Kept Secrets in Menswear’ text by Eddie Eng. 

A Continuous Lean, 06.01.16 – ‘Adventures in archival menswear with The Vintage Showroom’. Words by Jared Paul Stern. 

Another Man Autumn/Winter 2015 issue – Tilda Swinton as Marianne Lane featuring racer jacket from The Vintage Showroom. Photography by Glen Luchford. Styling by Kate Shillingford. 

Another Man, Autumn/Winter 2015 issue – ‘Collections volume 1′, featuring ties and shirt from The Vintage Showroom. Photography by Tom Ordoyno.

LOVE Magazine, F/W 15 Issue. Editorial featuring Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wearing jacket from The Vintage Showroom.

Ape to Gentleman, 15.12.15 – “The Vintage Showroom book – A journey through vintage menswear, delving into the treasure trove of the archive of vintage connoisseurs Douglas Gunn & Roy Luckett whose wares inspire today’s fashion designers”. Written by Chris Chasseaud.

Jocks&Nerds, Issue 17 Winter 2015 – ‘The Vintage Showroom an archive of menswear’. Words by Edwards Moore. 

Re-edition Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015 – ‘Crossed wires’ featuring a silver us airforce firefighter jacket and 1930’s leather motorbike jodhpurs from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Tom Ordoyno, styling: Ellie Grace Cumming.

i-D, 15.11.16 – “Get to know the next generation of photographers” featuring boiler suit from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Maxwell Tomlinson, Styling: Flo Arnold.

Another Man 15.11.15 – ‘Another Man Explores The Vintage Showrooms Archive’. Text by Olivia Singer. 

Boys by Girls, Issue 8 (2015) – Featuring jacket from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Cecile Harris, Styling: David Nolan. 

VOUGE ITALIA, October 2015 Issue – ‘Youth’ featuring top from The Vintage Showroom. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Stylist: Katy England.

The New York Times, 10.04.15 – ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Kanye West’ photographed by by Jurgen Teller, coat from The Vintage Showroom., 9.4.15 – ‘Worn explores how vintage garments inspire street style’ by Thomas Stege Bojer.

NUO Magazine, March 2015 – ‘Discotheque’ featuring trousers, shirt, necklace and more from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Jonathan Baron, styling: Lu Philippe Guilmette. 

Vogue UK, July Issue 2014 – Featuring vintage Girl Guide jacket from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Angelo Pennetta. Styling: Francesa Burns.

Another Man, Spring/Summer 2014 – King Krule wearing leather jacket from the Vintage Showroom. Photography by Willy Vanderperre.


i-D, 9.8.14 – ‘The boy next door’ featuring t-shirt The Vintage Showroom. Photography Johnny Kangasniemi, styling: Harry Lambert.

The Gentlewoman Spring 2014 – Featuring vintage grey cotton sweater from The Vintage Showroom. Photography: Alasdair McLellan. Styling: Stylist: Jonathan Kaye.

Jocks & Nerds Magazine, Issue 6 2013 – “Passed the Eyot”. Photography: Marcus German Ross, Styling: Emma Freemantle. Featuring shirt from The Vintage Showroom. 

The Times, 28.1.13 – ‘Top 50 Most Influential Fashion Websites / Top 15 Best Sites for Men’s Fashion’ by Dylan Jones.


i-D Pre-Spring 2012 – ‘Occasional Rain for Northwestern UK, Otherwise Bright and Cold’. Photography by Alasdair McLellan.

The Gentlewoman, Fall/Winter 2012 – ‘Terribly Nice Jumpers’ Feat. Yasmin Le Bon, photography by Alasdair McLellan.

Time-Out, September 2012 – ‘Vintage Kings’ Shopping & Style’. Words by Dan Jones, photography by Nic Shonfeld. 

Glass Magazine –  ‘What Is Beautiful Is A Possession For All Enternity’. By Stephen J Morgan & David Nolan.

GQ Magazine Details – May 2012

The Telegraph – Mens Style SS/12

SHOP, AW/2011-12 – London Luxury Edition