The painting above first triggered an interest in The Royal Navy’s open submersibles. Painted by George Horace Davis (1881-1963), these two charioteers in an open submersible or ‘Human Torepedo’ inspired a new search for these extremely hard to find suits. Our fascination with all thing submersible which saw years of hunting down elusive “Ursula Suits” and other related clothing used by submariners found a new direction in our quest for these fascinating suits.

It was therefore with great excitement we acquired this WWI period open submersible or rebreather diving suit which we now share.

*Biography- George Horace Davis was born in Kensington and studied at both the Kensington Park College and the Ealing School of Art. Serving in the Royal Flying Corp in WWI he used his flying experience to produce aerial combat drawings, the first of which were published in The Sphere. He is perhaps best known for his considerable work as an illustrator for the Illustrated London News and in particular for his highly detailed and accurate ‘cutaway’ drawings. He is the younger brother of Sir Robert H Davis (1879-1965) who was managing Director of Siebe Gorman. *

Words Douglas Gunn

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