The thing about the Holy Grail, is that there was only meant to ever be one of them.


As a term in English language it was meant to be reserved for exceedingly, almost impossible to comprehend, rareness only seen in the very best of the best. In regards to vintage terms everyone will of course have their own interpretation of what that looks like, but my one wish would be that before the term was tagged to a great piece, or sometimes lets be honest a mediocre one, that the person writing just stopped for a moment and considered, is this is really the Holy Grail?


It was working on the Archive project for Belstaff, back in 2012, while going through old trademark journals at the British library, that I came upon the original trademark application as it appeared in the Trade Mark Journal on the 15th September 1933. This application referenced an earlier trademark held by the company. What I did not realise at the time was that this earlier application had been made with Bellstaff spelt with a double L and double F.


At the time I uncovered this fact, I would have been without question the only person in the world that knew this. In terms of research, that was an incredible find, and one of those discoveries that makes me love the research work we do for various Brands around the world into their Corporate History.


However it was not until we turned up this piece, that we were talking about something truly worthy of Arthurian Legend.



This leather coat was made between 1924 and 1933 by Eli Belovitch and his Son in Law Harry Grosberg who joined the family in 1924, the year the Company was founded. Undoubtable this piece would have been touched by both, in what would have been an incredible small production run at the time of just few dozen pieces maximum, though which would have been undoubtably a huge investment for the Company, and one that would have laid the foundations to its future success.



Grail Piece, find me another one…


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