Walk Tall – George Weeden 1948 Olympian and living legend.

No sponsorship, one kidney, tuberculosis, a broken back…
All set for the London Olympics…1948

Introducing George Weeden who was finally honoured today as Olympic torch bearer…

New to his amazing story (shown here), we were happy to lend some of our 1948 Olympic Games ephemera from our archive for the premier of this short film at the Stratford Picture House, as part of the East End Film Festival 2012.
Enjoy, and sit up straight as you watch!

Walk Tall, Kate Sullivan, 2011 (commissioned through Film London’s Borough Film Fund Challenge)

An animated documentary about nonagenarian George Weedon. Filmmaker Kate Sullivan balances her animation with live action documentary to tell the story of George’s glory days as a gymnast representing Britain in the 1948 Olympics, and explore the passions that he still holds today.

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