F.W.Collins 112 Denim

Finally, we can share with you our first production of denim jeans: 112 Denim. They could have been named after the number of weeks it has taken for these to finally be finished, although that could have easily been the case. Instead, they are named after the number of pairs in our first run.


This ‘Anti-blackout suit’ made from 3-ounce nylon was designed to be cool, durable and easy to remove. When it was first made in 1945, an article was published with the headline ‘Improved, Light Nylon Zoot Suit Prevents Blackout when Fighter Pilots Pull High G’s in Combat‘.



It’s great to be involved in the latest Kingpins Show China City Tour. Here is a sneak peak of the looks that we have sent over! Denim has been synonymous with the motorcycle culture since the 1930’s and remains a key focus of inspiration for designers.


Made of a heavy canvas material which was certainly not chosen for comfort, these unusual 1940’s, Broad Arrow stamped, Coveralls remain in remarkable condition.


The thing about the Holy Grail, is that there was only meant to ever be one of them.


As a term in English language it was meant to be reserved for exceedingly, almost impossible to comprehend, rareness only seen in the very best of the best. In regards to vintage terms everyone will of course have their own interpretation of what that looks like, but my one wish would be that before the term was tagged to a great piece, or sometimes lets be honest a mediocre one, that the person writing just stopped for a moment and considered, is this is really the Holy Grail?