Hung On You was one of the go-to places for the rich and fashionable youth in London in the 1960’s.


Before opening Hung On You in 1965, Michael Rainey was already well known for his flamboyant yet elegant style as well as being married to aristocrat Jane Ormsby-Gore, who was his partner when opening Hung On You. Opening first at Cale Street in Chelsea Green and later relocating to King’s Road, the brand had an exclusive clientele with famous musos and actors of the day together with Chelsea aristocrats and other dedicated followers of fashion.

Designer Michael Rainey who ran Hung On You, in 1966

Hung on You Boutique

Models Sara Crichton-Stuart and Twiggy outside Hung On You, in 1966



Hung On You

The brand was despite being short-lived highly influential in the exclusive and fashionable circle in London. With Jane going on regular trips to India buying fabric and having the clothes made by well-established East-End tailors with the fabric provided by Rainey, the clothing were expensive. Luckily, the fashionably young kids in London would happily pay knowing Mick Jagger had probably bought the same type of shirt the day before. The unfortunate demise of Hung On in 1969 but had a large impact on fashion in a short space of time.




Here interpretation of a turn of the century frock coat. Beautifully cut, double breasted – one of their trade-mark designs.

Here a similar style back in the days.



Dandyism at its best.

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