We were lucky enough to be offered this fascinating RAF grouping recently by a family member of the original owner, and we felt that we should share.


With London sat at 30 degrees, Wimbledon just days away and Henley Royal Regatta around the corner, (and undoubtable inspired by messers Daniel Kearn’s and David Beckham’s recent Kent&Curwen collection), we thought we would share some recent finds:


I have always seen the Pearly Kings and Queens as one of those beautiful London eccentricities. However, it should not be forgotten that they represent over a hundred years of collecting for those in need, and for helping with charitable causes.


The painting above first triggered an interest in The Royal Navy’s open submersibles. Painted by George Horace Davis (1881-1963), these two charioteers in an open submersible or ‘Human Torepedo’ inspired a new search for these extremely hard to find suits. Our fascination with all thing submersible which saw years of hunting down elusive “Ursula Suits” and other related clothing used by submariners found a new direction in our quest for these fascinating suits.